In the designing of machines, much emphasis is placed on the reduction of labor costs,
the achievement of fully automated operation and the increase of productivity.
At the same time, demands continue to grow for large and super-large machines
which can offer a variety of functions and can be numerically controlled.
Homma has developed a number of advanced technologies that can boost automation and offer new functions.
We are always working on the development of new control technology and the improvement of machine rigidity,
as part of our efforts to improve capabilities in the heavy-duty machining of difficult-to-process materials.
Supported by a wealth of leading technologies, Homma strives to meet the special machining requirements of our customers.

  Gantry Type 4-axis Turning Center
  For super-large turning and machining works
  This machine combines the functions of CNC vertical turning center with those of gantry-type machining center. These advanced units not only perform lathing, but also feature a gantry feeding system that allows multi-face processing. Our gantry type 4-axis turning center can drastically reduce machining costs and set up time.

2 Heads Opposing Type Horizontal
Machining Center
Improving the usability and machining accuracy for parts of construction machine  
2 units of horizontal machining center arranged opposite and main parts of construction machine such as boom and arm can be machined precisely.
It can drastically increase machining efficiency by ATC device and special attachments.

  CNC Crank Shaft Lathe
with Turning Function for Journal & Pin
  Machining for both Journal and Pin turning in one setup
  This machine is capable of turning operation of both journal and pin of crank shaft which used for a large sized ship engine efficiently.
Hydro-static bearing system is applied for pin turning head, so accurate and effectual turning is realized.

CNC Vertical Turning Lathe  
Adapting to FMS
(Flexible Manufacturing System)
2-heads type vertical turning lathe. HOMMA original system of tool holder has the curvic cupling, which makes possible for the accurate positioning and heavy duty machining.
It is possible to full automated system operation as this machine adapt to “FMS”


  4-axis Control Vertical Turning Center
  Provided with the machining center function
  4-axis control vertical turning center.
It can offer the turning applications upto the milling, drilling, tapping and boring application with ATC device and APC device. Provided with the machining center function with 4-axis control CNC and angle attachment.

Travelling Gantry Type Machining Center  
Less installation space and wide range machining capacity  
This machine is HOMMA’s newest travelling gantry type double column machining center equipped with high performance spindle motor which has high power and high torque for the main spindle.
Full automatic operation with high accurate machining for large size workpiece and less installation space by means of travelling gantry are realized.


  Travelling Gantry Type Machining Center for Crossing Rail
  Processing of hard materials
  Machine developed for heavy duty machining of crossing rail used for “Shinkansen”
The machine has high rigidity on heavy duty machining.