When lndia's Space Development Center called for international bidding
on the supply of special machine tools,
Homma was the only bidder who could meet the customer's high-level technical requirements.
The products we supplied to ship engine manufacturers
and heavy electric manufacturers in lndia, China consistently surpassed
the customers' expectations in performance.
All around the globe, Homma supports companies in heavy industries
through our supply of special-purpose machines,
FMS lines, and special large machines which can satisfy the highest-level requirements.

Exporting large and super-large machine tools all around the world   Cooperative network in Asia
As a top manufacturer of large and super-large machine tools, HOMMA has exported more than 500 machines and provided technical services in countries all around the globe. Our name is trusted by customers in over twenty eight nations. Having already established a solid reputation in our field, we have our sights set on becoming an international leader in large and super-large NC machine tools.   Homma guide technique of machine tool production to east asian countries such as China, India and etc., and has established 3 countries, including Japan network for service organization

    Advanced engineering services backed by our leading technologies
    Our own original technologies play a key role in Homma's plant engineering business. We not only provide machine tools, but also combine our advanced technologies with other manufacturers' equipment to organize systems that meet the machining needs of companies in domestic and overseas markets.
Not only in the Japanese market, but also overseas, the Homma logo can be seen on large and super-large machine tools at work in over 28 countries around the world. For example, you can find the Homma nameplate on a CNC machine for railways in Canada, Australia, China and so on, a machine for the crank-throw of vessels in Korea and China, a machine for aircraft components in the UK, and a machine for paper-mill components in Finland.