In the machine tool industry, there is continual demand for higher speed, accuracy and efficiency.
The same applies to the machining of large structures and special processing in industries such as aviation,
aerospace, energy, construction, shipbuilding, automobiles, railways, bridge construction and so on.
To meet these needs, the Homma Machinery Company Ltd. draws on innovative technology developed in over 60 years of operation.
We supply fully customized mother machines to customers' production sites where large-scale special machines are required.
Homma, a specialist in the machine tool field, has long been engaged in the development of machine tools for special applications.

Shipbuilding business.
Business-related equipment

Power Industry.
Business-related equipment
Railway business.
Business-related equipment
Business facilites.
Business-related equipment

Air. Space Development.
Busines-related equipment
Bridge projects.
Business-related equipment
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